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Helping Small Businesses Succeed in Logan Square

Second Suites and Second Shift have been providing workspace for remote workers, freelancers, and small businesses in Logan Square in 2017. We love Logan Square and work hard to make sure Logan Square is a place to connect, succeed, and get work done. We making getting the team together easy, connect people, and offer flexibility so it’s equal for all stages of business.

Flexibility and Simple is Key

Running a small businesses, startup, or leading a local remote key is all about adapting as times and needs change. There are new clients that require teams to scale up and there are times when teams need to downsize. We get it and we’re a partner that works with you. Getting an office shouldn’t be met with fear of the future.

Designed for Pop-Ups & Budding Retail

Second Suites has five units with huge retail windows and foot traffic. It’s perfect for Etsy or Chicago online shops that want a quick pop-up space to showcase all of their awesome wares. It’s affordable, flexible, and we can’t wait to see how Logan Square’s entrepreneurs will use the space.

Building an Inclusive & Creative Community

Since 2017, our group has been home to over 200 remote workers and freelancers in Logan Square. Our members rang from photographers launching their first side hustle, to advertising shops that have grown from one person to 10, and non-profits that promote access to art throughout the Midwest. We’re not only diverse in companies, but we are proudly inclusive and home to members across the LGBTQ+ community. We have non-gender bathrooms, celebrate our differences, and give back to the community with our 5-for-1 program that donates 1 membership to a local non-profit for every member.

Lead by a Friendly Team

The Second Suites team is lead by local community manager, Mary Sowa.

Born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Mary came to Chicago to attend DePaul University to pursue her degree in marketing. Always striving for positive social change, Mary combines her love of aesthetics and event planning to help bring change in her community.

Surrounded by her many plants – over 90 to be exact – in her spare time Mary is a social butterfly that can be found playing board games, crafting, watching movies, and baking with her friends.

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